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Water-Gate©: flexible protection for towns and businesses!

Active flood protection for towns, industrial sites, transport networks, businesses and individuals. Natural emergencies happen, but the damage caused by them is not inevitable. Water-Gate’s© flexible technology lets you protect yourself where you have most to lose.

Competitive advantages


In investment the cost is infinitely cheaper than permanent protections and then on the aesthetic level one cannot disfigure a port like that of La Rochelle.

Jean-François FOUNTAINE, Maire de La Rochelle
The Water-Gate © solution that has been chosen makes it possible to avoid touching the roads and doing heavy work. These devices are both light and quick to deploy.
Mathieu DUPONT, La Rochelle Risques Littoraux
Compared to the other products offered to us, Water-Gate really is the ideal solution. You unroll it, and it takes care of the rest on its own!
Dominique SIX, Natixis
For us, Water-Gate is an innovative product because it provides a technical solution, partly in terms of flexibility, but also in terms of emergency response thanks to its rapid deployment capabilities.
Jean-François SALMIN, Egis Eau
We’re always on the lookout for systems that can protect us in the event of water level rises, and we purchased the Water-Gate device. Our goal is to protect the RER C line, a very vulnerable asset, from flooding.

Risk of submersion: Water-Gate© selected by the city of La Rochelle

La Rochelle was badly hit by storm Xynthia in February 2010 (6 dead, 280 Million Euros in damage). Rather than rebuilding the identical, the city of La Rochelle has implemented a PAPI (Programme d'Actions de Prévention des Inondations / Flood Prevention Action Program). The decision was made to protect the entire population against the risk "Xynthia + 20cm".

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Services offered by MegaSecur.Europe

5 steps towards active flood protection: FLOOD-READY


Study the flooding dynamics of the site. Cartography, HKWL (Highest Known Water Levels), Topography

flood zone paris gare de lyon


Define the target height for the flood protection (e.g. 100-year flood, 1000-year flood)

flood mark paris bercy


Vulnerability assessment of the surface and networks for the given protection height

flood water networks austerlitz station


Optimal device design | Closing off networks & pumping solutions

flood protection building sncf


Train teams to independently install the system

EDF training on flood protection

Flood protection: case studies

Protecting a building, a riverbank, a neighbourhood, a town, and underground spaces from floods.

Water Gate is an emergency flood protection device that complements structural solutions | Hydraulic structures, flood overflow zones, embankments, etc.
Portable or mobile anti-flood barriers must be integrated into flood prevention action programmes (PAPI), flood risk prevention plans (PPRI) and local protection plans (PCS).

The 3 typical flood protection setups

The Water-Gate© flood dam is a new and comprehensive flood protection solution. Thanks to its modular design, its different heights and its flexibility, it can fit all kinds of terrain: 360° perimeter protection for flat terrain – U-shaped protection on sloping terrain – sectional protection supported by a wall or embankment. A feature shared between of all these anti-flood systems: the flood should never strike the dam from the rear.

Supported by a wall

The ends of the flood dam rest on a wall (any type, height and gradient can work).

Fitting the natural slope of the land

The ends of the flood dam rest on a gradient (a bank, a slope) – it can even be undulating.

360° protection

Perimeter protection of up to 360°, covering several hundred metres (on flat ground).

Water-Gate© I Packaging

flood protection in rolls

Single-unit packaging

  • A “100% flexible” solution for unbeatable storage size.
  • Ideal for short sections and low dams.
  • Simply unroll and lay down!
flood protection deployment crate

Pre-packaged rapid deployment boxes

  • Exclusive to Water-Gate©: the sections are pre-assembled and coiled inside made-to-measure boxes.
  • The boxes can be moved using an electric forklift truck or trailer. Simply pull out the first dam and lay it on the ground, then slide the box along the entire length of the dam.
flood protection container


  • Available in 20 ft and 40 ft versions for long-term outdoor storage.
  • The containers are designed to allow for safe unrolling and repacking.
  • Capacity: from 300 m to 1,000 m depending on the height of the protection.

WL: a complete range of flexible flood cofferdams for professionals and private customers

anti flood barrier schema de principe tarpaulin
*   Ultra-rugged and abrasion-resistant PVC-coated polyester fabric. Can be installed on all types of surfaces.
** Galvanised steel plates slotted into polyester mesh holders sewn onto the dam.
Explanation of the WL range of flood control dams