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FAQ | Water-Gate© Barriers2016-10-16T10:14:25+01:00
FAQ #1 | What is the height of the Water-Gate© dam?2018-03-27T15:54:53+01:00

It depends on the chosen model. We sell barriers from 15cm up to 2 meters high.
Please refer to the number indicated on each Water-Gate© dam.
The first 2 numbers correspond to the maximum height of retention, in inches.
For instance: WL-20 is 20 inches high or 50cm.
Thanks to edge ridge at the top of the barrier and to the holding partitions inside, the protection level is adjusted upwards or downwards.

FAQ #2 | What is the maximum length of protection that can be achieved?2018-03-27T15:55:07+01:00

The Water-Gate© dams are produced in individual lengths ranging from 4.6m to 15,20m.
All dams can be linked together regardless of size or category, by Velcro fasteners.
It is possible to indefinitely extend the length of protection without loss of efficiency.
Water-Gate© efficiently delivers hundreds of metres of protection (docks, streets, railway tracks, building outlines, heightening dikes, cofferdams in the rivers, etc.) very quickly.
All paths, even complex, are possible.

Refer to assembly instruction attached.

jonction-barrage anti inondation

FAQ #3 | Is there a minimum height of flooding required to ensure that the protection system functions properly?2018-03-27T15:55:20+01:00

There is no minimum height. The Water-Gate© barrier will work from the first centimeter of water.
It is the water pressure which opens and deploys the dam and not the flow or flood speed.

FAQ #4 | On what kind of ground can the Water-Gate© barrier be used?2018-03-27T15:55:33+01:00

Water-Gate© products are all-terrain.
They embrace all obstacles, rocks, rails, walls … Excellent grip on most types of soil, grass, lawn, paving stones … even on ice!

FAQ #5 | What if flooding happens suddenly?2018-03-27T15:55:46+01:00

The Water-Gate© dams are particularly suitable for flash floods.
The leading edge of the dam, facing flooding, is weighted. The flow rushes into the bottom of the dam literally “nailed to the floor”.
During our demonstrations we show how the dam can resist the pressure of a fire hose.
Water-Gate© will be efficient in almost all cases.

FAQ #6 | Can the dam be put in place, while the flooding has already begun?2018-03-27T15:56:01+01:00

Yes it is quite possible. The water level is not a problem.
A strong current may however make installation difficult.
The in-river installation manœuvre should then be respected.

FAQ #7 | Will the dam hold a mudslide?2018-03-27T15:56:11+01:00

Indeed, any flood carries a greater or lesser amount of sediment.
Even in large quantities mud should not alter the stability and effectiveness of the dam.

FAQ #8 | Does the Water-Gate© protection system withstand waves? Is it wind-resistant?2018-03-27T16:32:43+01:00

Once installed, the Water-Gate dam is capable of resisting all types of currents, strong winds and waves. We will advise you of the installation precautions that you should follow according to the prevailing weather conditions.

The item’s resistance to strong (force 12) winds was tested at the CSTB in Nantes (Jules Verne climatic wind tunnel testing platform).

Its resistance to waves and drifting objects was tested by the US Army.

See the video opposite.


FAQ #9 | Is the Water-Gate© barrier impact resistant?2018-03-27T15:56:52+01:00