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The FAQs & Tips

FAQ | Water-Gate© Barriers2016-10-16T10:14:25+01:00
FAQ #1 | What is the height of the Water-Gate© dam?2018-03-27T15:54:53+01:00

It depends on the chosen model. We sell barriers from 15cm up to 2 meters high.
Please refer to the number indicated on each Water-Gate© dam.
The first 2 numbers correspond to the maximum height of retention, in inches.
For instance: WL-20 is 20 inches high or 50cm.
Thanks to edge ridge at the top of the barrier and to the holding partitions inside, the protection level is adjusted upwards or downwards.

FAQ #2 | What is the maximum length of protection that can be achieved?2018-03-27T15:55:07+01:00

The Water-Gate© dams are produced in individual lengths ranging from 4.6m to 15,20m.
All dams can be linked together regardless of size or category, by Velcro fasteners.
It is possible to indefinitely extend the length of protection without loss of efficiency.
Water-Gate© efficiently delivers hundreds of metres of protection (docks, streets, railway tracks, building outlines, heightening dikes, cofferdams in the rivers, etc.) very quickly.
All paths, even complex, are possible.

Refer to assembly instruction attached.

jonction-barrage anti inondation

FAQ #3 | Is there a minimum height of flooding required to ensure that the protection system functions properly?2018-03-27T15:55:20+01:00

There is no minimum height. The Water-Gate© barrier will work from the first centimeter of water.
It is the water pressure which opens and deploys the dam and not the flow or flood speed.

FAQ #4 | On what kind of ground can the Water-Gate© barrier be used?2018-03-27T15:55:33+01:00

Water-Gate© products are all-terrain.
They embrace all obstacles, rocks, rails, walls … Excellent grip on most types of soil, grass, lawn, paving stones … even on ice!

FAQ #5 | What if flooding happens suddenly?2018-03-27T15:55:46+01:00

The Water-Gate© dams are particularly suitable for flash floods.
The leading edge of the dam, facing flooding, is weighted. The flow rushes into the bottom of the dam literally “nailed to the floor”.
During our demonstrations we show how the dam can resist the pressure of a fire hose.
Water-Gate© will be efficient in almost all cases.

FAQ #6 | Can the dam be put in place, while the flooding has already begun?2018-03-27T15:56:01+01:00

Yes it is quite possible. The water level is not a problem.
A strong current may however make installation difficult.
The in-river installation manœuvre should then be respected.

FAQ #7 | Will the dam hold a mudslide?2018-03-27T15:56:11+01:00

Indeed, any flood carries a greater or lesser amount of sediment.
Even in large quantities mud should not alter the stability and effectiveness of the dam.

FAQ #8 | Does the Water-Gate© protection system withstand waves? Is it wind-resistant?2018-03-27T16:32:43+01:00

Once installed, the Water-Gate dam is capable of resisting all types of currents, strong winds and waves. We will advise you of the installation precautions that you should follow according to the prevailing weather conditions.

The item’s resistance to strong (force 12) winds was tested at the CSTB in Nantes (Jules Verne climatic wind tunnel testing platform).

Its resistance to waves and drifting objects was tested by the US Army.

See the video opposite.


FAQ #9 | Is the Water-Gate© barrier impact resistant?2018-03-27T15:56:52+01:00

Flexible and resistant, Watergate is incredibly resilient.
It absorbs impact energy and resumes its original shape.
Resistance to impact was tested by the US Army.

See the video.

FAQ #10 | Is the Water-Gate© protection Watertight?2018-03-27T15:57:01+01:00

The seal increases with the height of flooding and the pressure of the liquid on the ground sheet.
The leakage rate is less than 4 L / min per linear metre of smooth ground (concrete type).
If this leakage rate is deemed too high it is possible to significantly reduce it. To do so, you have to spread a mastic or silicone seal (cartridge type) under the leading edge of the barrier, or any kind of natural product like treacle | viscous material, in order to increase the adhesion of the dam on the soil and fill micro cracks.
The sealing depends on the soil surface state (the smoother the floor, the better sealing) and its draining effect (to be considered for long lasting floods).
Leakage rate generally observed by type of ground, without extra sealing action.
Concrete or new asphalt < damaged concrete < cobblestones < lawn < topsoil < sand < gravel < pebbles < 10 L / min

FAQ #11 | Should I use a supplement pump? What flow?2018-03-27T15:57:12+01:00

No anti-flood system is 100% waterproof.
If the flooding lasts / in case of a long distance protection, it is strongly recommended to be equipped with water pumps to prevent the accumulation of water downstream of the dam.
In general, provide a pumping capacity of 10 litres / minute (infiltration, rainwater discharge networks) for each linear meter of protection.
Prefer several “small” pumps rather than a single high capacity one.
It is also advisable to have a stand-alone generator.

FAQ #12 | What is the dam footprint?2018-03-27T15:57:22+01:00

The floor space required depends on the maximum height of the barrier.
Floor width (or depth) = 4 times the maximum protection height.
Eg: Ref. WL2030 / Maximum protection height is = 50cm => Footprint is 2m.

FAQ #13 | Is the Water-Gate© barrier chemical resistant?2018-03-27T15:57:33+01:00

The Water-Gate© materials have been tested by an independent laboratory.
The Water-Gate© dams are guaranteed 12 hours to most inorganic acids, bases, hydrocarbons, polar and non-polar solvents.

Please refer to the list of non-recommended chemicals in the attached data sheet.

Résistances chimiques du barrage anti pollution Water-gate

FAQ #14 | Are the products guaranteed?2018-03-27T15:57:44+01:00

Traceability and manufacturing warranty of 2 years.
Made in Canada, in our factory in Victoriaville. Each dam is manufactured and inspected according to stringent quality standards.

A – Safety standards and resistance

Above all, the Water-Gate© barrier is a working tool that must be reliable, safe and durable. According to the safety standards set by MegaSecur™, the Water-Gate© water barrier is 3 times stronger than necessary, and this for a minimum retention period of 3 days.
For example, if the dam is amputated 2 partitions out of 3 and contains water at full capacity, the dam will still retain its entire water volume for 3 days or more.

B – Water-Gate© manufacturing details

The manufacturing of the Water-Gate© dam is done by experienced workers with industrial sewing machines. The stitch used on every product is called “lock stitch”. This type of stitch will not untie even if broken or cut . A broken lock stitch will not compromise the following lock stitch.
In addition to using this type of safe seam, we have signed a second seam in parallel on all partitions of our barriers (except for WL-06 model).
We are finalizing the manufacture of each barrier with a rigorous inspection.

C – Main materials

For WA, WL and WT ranges, we use PVC coated polyester canvases. The main advantage of this type of canvas is its resistance to abrasion. In other words, if the barrier is dragged on the ground, the risk of breakage is minimal.
For WP range, we use woven polyethylene fabric. This fabric also resists well to tearing but is a little more vulnerable to abrasion.
The partitions for all barriers are manufactured with woven polyethylene fabric.
The sewing thread used for all categories is 100% polyester.
For the WL category, we use galvanized steel plates for the ballast weights.

D – Durability

Water-Gate© dams are entirely made of polymer, their lifespan is estimated over 20 years if the product is used occasionally and/or for short periods. Ultraviolet rays remain the most harmful factor for the components of the Water-Gate© barriers.
However, polymer fabrics have received treatments to counter the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
There is no risk of deterioration due to moisture.
The Water-Gate© barrier’s materials easily withstand temperatures of + 50° C | + 120° F to -40º C | -40° F.
Even stored for many years at these temperatures (up to 10 years of certification according to the material manufacturers) , Water-Gate© remains as effective.

FAQ #15 | Are Water-Gate© dams 100% safe?2018-03-27T15:57:54+01:00

The Watergate dams have been extensively tested by the US Army Corps of Engineers and received the FM Global Certification.
Everything was done by design to offer a flawless product.
According to regular intelligence we do on the market, we do believe that Water-Gate© is the most reliable removable anti flood protection system and certainly much safer than the sandbags that, although rudimentary and risky, are still widely used in the world.

Water-Gate is to flooding what the airbags are to road safety. They are proven and you dare not drive without them.

FAQ #16 | How can I be sure that the products provided by Megasecur™ meet my needs?2018-03-27T15:58:13+01:00

Megasecur™ provides expertise and performs a feasibility study for each new project.
An expert can move on site.
Megasecur™ can also assist you in receiving and handling the equipment.

FAQ #17 | Our products2019-08-30T09:09:43+01:00
WA WL WT Water-Plug
schema-batardeau-wa-n schema-barrage-inondation-wl-n schema-barrage-pollution-wt-n schema-water-plug-n
12 models 19 models 9 models 1 model
Highest Restraint 200 cm Highest Restraint 200 cm Highest Restraint 152 cm Highest Restraint 67 cm
Compact Holding Partitions Extended Partitions Compact Holding Partitions 75 cm Diameter
Anti-Mining Bib Anti-Mining Bib
Fixing Rings Fixing Rings
Integrated Ballast Integrated Ballast
Water Releasing System
PVC Polyester Fabric PVC Polyester Fabric PVC Polyester Fabric PVC Polyester Fabric

PDF version

FAQ #18 | Must be trained to use Water-Gate©?2018-03-27T15:59:12+01:00

The implementation of Water-Gate© requires no special qualification.
However, we invite any new buyer to read the user guide and to handle the dry dam in order to become familiar with the tool.
The implementation of high-rise cofferdams in the aquatic environment must comply with specific, simple maneuvers to execute.

FAQ #19 | The 4 golden rules of implementation to respect2018-03-27T15:59:21+01:00

A – Leave a reasonable distance between the building to protect and the downstream edge of the dam in order to move easily and install, if necessary, a water pump.

Disposer des pompes à l'arrière du barrage anti inondation

B – Ballast the Water-Gate© leading edge uniformly in order to minimize water seepage under the dam and to ensure its ground grip.
Pay particular attention to this rule for all models without integrated weight.

Disposer un lestage sur le barrage anti inondation

C – Before placing the dam, remove all objects that could create water seepage under the ground sheet.

Retirer les débris sous le barrage anti inondation pour éviter les infiltrations

D – Don’t try to stop a leak downstream of the dam.
If a leak occurs under the dam, intervene at the upstream edge (ballast the leading edge, slightly bury it).

Ne pas colmater les fuites par l'arrière du barrage anti inondation

FAQ #20 | Does the Water-Gate© barrier require special maintenance?2018-03-27T15:59:45+01:00

The Water-Gate© dams require little maintenance.
We recommend cleaning and drying dams after each use.
Dirt and moisture have no effect on the quality and strength of Water-Gate, but unpleasant odors may be released during the next use.
Storage: Water-Gate© barriers can be stacked on each other, standing or lying down, without compromising their integrity or their deployment.

Refer to the Maintenance Manual.

Manuel d'entretien et de maintenance du barrage anti inondation Water-Gate

FAQ #21 | The canvas of my Water-Gate© Dam was breached. Is it repairable?2018-03-27T16:12:56+01:00

The dam can be repaired easily in case of cuts / short lengths lacerations (a few centimeters).
In the exceptional case of a tear while the dam is full of water, simply slide a piece of cloth/canvas inside the dam to close the gap (seal provided by the push of water on the canvas).
For dry or in-water repair, a repair kit can be provided. It contains a two-component polyurethane adhesive for soft PVC Zodiac (750 ml), and a strip of 5 m x 2 m PVC canvas.

FAQ#22 | Are Water-Gate© dams recyclable?2018-03-27T16:17:41+01:00

Water-Gate products are made from recyclable materials.

Ground Sheet & Retention Tarp PVC Coated polyester
Holding partitions Polyethylene Fabric
Ballast Steel plates
The sewing thread & velvet strips (Velcro©) Polyester
Straps Polypropylene

Our manufacturing process minimises waste production: all PE and PVC raw materials are reused in our low-lying dam models.
Unused PE is collected by a local company and recycled along with glass to produce composite paving stones for roads.

FAQ #23 | What is the price of a Water-Gate© Dam?2018-03-27T16:13:30+01:00

Le prix des barrages varie considérablement en fonction de la hauteur.
A titre indicatif pour la gamme WL, il faut compter entre 150 et 1000 euros Hors Taxes par mètre linéaire en fonction de la hauteur, du conditionnement et de la longueur commandée.
Contactez nous pour obtenir un devis gratuit adapté à votre besoin.

FAQ #24 | Do you make site visits? | Do you organize demonstrations?2018-03-27T16:13:40+01:00

Our consultants travel across Europe depending on the projects and their availability.
It is also very easy to arrange a product demonstration. The best way to convince you of the effectiveness of the Water-Gate© solution.

FAQ #25 | What are the delivery times ?2018-03-27T16:13:49+01:00

According to the size order and the state of our stocks in Europe, dams are delivered on average within 48H00.
It takes 30 days for factory orders.

FAQ #26 | What is your best selling product?2018-03-27T16:13:58+01:00

WL-2030 is currently the most frequently ordered dam.
Compact and manoeuvrable (36 kg), this product can retain up to 50cm of water on 9.1m length.

FAQ #27 | Who are your customers?2018-03-27T16:14:06+01:00

Institutions, Urban Communities, Cities, The Army, Large companies, SMEs, Very Small Enterprises, Construction Companies, Municipal Associations, Neighborhood associations, Individuals and more.

FAQ #28 | Are Water-Gate© products available for rent?2018-03-27T16:14:17+01:00

Nous disposons d’un stock limité à cet usage.
Veuillez nous contacter pour étudier cette possibilité.

FAQ #29 | Comparison of long lengths (>100m) flood protection systems2018-03-27T16:14:30+01:00

This assessment of various anti-flood systems is a summary of a study that was conducted by Megasecur SE Inc. to compare the strengths and weaknesses of the Water-Gate© flood barrier relative to its competitors.
The results that we communicate come from our experience, enriched with information found on the Web, product manuals, users and customers feed-back and also, in some cases, by the manufacturers themselves.
We considered that all the systems, if properly implemented have broadly equivalent sealing performance.

pictogramme barrage anti inondation Water-Gate PVC Fabric, Integrated Ballast, Autofill Operation, Auto deploy, Auto Block
Water-Gate Flexible Dam
pictogramme palplanches Beforehand, the fasteners must be installed in the ground to receive the aluminum beams. Sealing ensured by rubber seals.
Removable Vertical Rails
pictogramme barrière en A Aluminum or galvanized steel structure to be installed on ground and then covered with a plastic sheet provided with a ballast chain.
Inclined Rigid Barriers
pictogramme bigbag de sable Polypropylene Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) filled with sand and then covered with a waterproof tarp.
Big Bags of sand
pictogramme sacs de sable Polypropylene bags filled manually with sand or using machines.
Sand bags
pictogramme boudin géant Large flexible PVC tube with partition inside and filled with water.
Giant inflatable ring
pictogramme boudins Combination of several PVC tubes filled with water and tied together.
Combined flexible water tubes
Reliability 1. Ability of the protection system to withstand extreme conditions: drifting trunk impact, wall or tree falling on protection, repeated waves impact, perforation of the dam, seals resistance to pressure, overflow.
2. Safety standards or installation method certified by the manufacturer.
High Water Stability Ability of the protection system to remain in place when the water level reaches the maximum protection level.
Installation & Dismantling
1. Ability of the protection system to be implemented in case of emergency, without incident (state of the stored materials, labor, accessibility, tools, heavy equipments)
2. Quick to implement
3. Installation Cost
4. Cost of dismantling, decontamination and storage
Other equipment required Equipment for transportation, lifting, assembly tools, impoundment pumps.
All terrain adaptability Ability to install protection on land with the steep ascents and descents of several decimeters per meter while preserving the seal (sidewalk, wall, ditch, slope …).
Flexible line protection Easy to bend at any angle and any direction.
Installation during flood The flood begins to invade the site where the protection will be installed and the water level has already reached 10 cm.
Crossing during flood Ability of a vehicle to pass on the protection system with at least 20 cm of flood water.
Repair during flood Ability to repair or replace some components of the protection system if significant damage occurs during the flood.
Durability Protection system that can be easily removed without being damaged, reusable several times and low sensitivity to long-term storage.
Low storage volume Storage volume required for complete protection system.
Cheap buying Cost of purchase or rent of complete protection system and additional equipment.
R.O.I. Return On Investment = protection granted for 10 years / sum of the costs of purchasing, installation, dismantling and maintenance of the protection system.
Global evaluation Average rating of the protection system on all criteria.


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