The world leader in self-securing flexible dams

Water-Gate is a flexible emergency flood dam that harnesses the power of floodwater to automatically fill, unfold and stabilise itself.

Water-Gate is also the latest generation of cofferdam; it simplifies river works, quickly and effectively combats pollution, and makes better use of natural water points for firefighting.

Water-Gate can be installed on any kind of terrain. It is inexpensive and protects the environment.

Flood protection water-gate principle

Water-Gate © technology: for what purpose?

Our range consists of more than 50 standards that are the subject of permanent innovation and many customized products.

Les barrages souples autobloquants Water-Gate© protègent une maison à 360° contre la montée des eaux
Canalisation d'une rivière grâce à un batardeau souple autobloquant water-gate.
Barrages souples autobloquants Water-Gate© pour la rétention d'urgence contre les pollutions liquides
Barrage Water-Gate© de rétention pollution en rivière avec déversoir et trous de relâche

Revolutionary : self-securing flexible dams that harness the power of floodwater

  • Water rushes into the dam and slams the bottom canvas against the ground
  • Archimedes’ thrust lifts the upper retention canvas
  • The friction forces contain the hydrostatic thrust: AUTOSTABLE device, without anchoring.
flood protection 1 to 4 ratio