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World leader of flexible self-locking water dams

Water-Gate is a flexible emergency protection which fills, deploys, and automatically stabilizes with flood water.

Water-Gate can be used on any terrain, it is economical and environmentally friendly.


Revolutionary: use the force of water to block the flood

The Water-Gate© innovation, first flexible dam that operates fluid dynamics
The flexible dam is designed in a relationship Height Width 1/4, which ensures perfect stability and grip on all types of soil, including on the ice!

Key benefits and added values of the Water-Gate© Dam

Unmatched versatility: kind of Swiss Army knife of fluid retention

Return on investment guaranteed!

The Water-Gate© dam is the best cost / effectiveness ratio on the market. But why?

  • Accessible purchase price
  • Unbeatable transport cost
  • Unbeatable storage cost
  • Unbeatable implementation cost
  • Water-Gate© requires no other hardware
  • Water-Gate© requires no landscaping
  • Water-Gate© may allow you to reduce your insurance costs
  • Water-Gate allows to supplement and optimize existing protections
  • Water-Gate© can be used several years.
  • Water-Gate is generally amortized as of the first use

A roll of the size of a gym bag can retain thousands of m3 of water with tremendous efficiency.

Already used worldwide against floods

The Water-Gate© flood protection dam protects the civil and military infrastructures since over 15 years
Here are some examples

Val d’Or | Quebec

House surrounded by floods

Woodborough | England

Street flooding

Tokyo Airport | Japan

Torrential rain on tarmac

Rotorua | New Zealand

Residential district

Fortuna Dam | Panama

Hydroelectric dam heightening

Bischwiller | France

Logistic warehouse

Water-Gate© is your guarantee to be 100% protected
Judge for yourself

Our leadership is based on innovation and the exceptional nature of our products on security, efficiency and performance.


Our ambition is to become the world leader in the manufacture of anti-flood equipment.

Our levels of requirements are high. We define excellence and we deliver.

The Water-Gate© flood protection system is certified FM Global, World Reference in the field of insurance.


The FM Approvals certificate provides assurance that the products have been objectively tested and conform to the highest international standards.

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