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World leader of flexible self-locking water dams

Water-Gate is a flexible emergency protection which fills, deploys, and automatically stabilizes with flood water.

Water-Gate can be used on any terrain, it is economical and environmentally friendly.

Revolutionary: use the force of water to block the flood

The Water-Gate© innovation, first flexible dam that operates fluid dynamics
The flexible dam is designed in a relationship Height Width 1/4, which ensures perfect stability and grip on all types of soil, including on the ice!

Key benefits and added values of the Water-Gate© Dam

Unmatched versatility: kind of Swiss Army knife of fluid retention

Return on investment guaranteed!

The Water-Gate© dam is the best cost / effectiveness ratio on the market. But why?

  • Accessible purchase price
  • Unbeatable transport cost
  • Unbeatable storage cost
  • Unbeatable implementation cost
  • Water-Gate© requires no other hardware
  • Water-Gate© requires no landscaping
  • Water-Gate© may allow you to reduce your insurance costs
  • Water-Gate allows to supplement and optimize existing protections
  • Water-Gate© can be used several years.
  • Water-Gate is generally amortized as of the first use

A roll of the size of a gym bag can retain thousands of m3 of water with tremendous efficiency.

Already used worldwide against floods

The Water-Gate© flood protection dam protects the civil and military infrastructures since over 15 years
Here are some examples

Val d’Or | Quebec

House surrounded by floods

Woodborough | England

Street flooding

Tokyo Airport | Japan

Torrential rain on tarmac

Rotorua | New Zealand

Residential district

Fortuna Dam | Panama

Hydroelectric dam heightening

Bischwiller | France

Logistic warehouse

Water-Gate© is your guarantee to be 100% protected
Judge for yourself