How does it work?

The flexible dams in our WT range are light and quick to install. They help to block pollution or create a mobile suction point, regardless of the river’s profile.

pollution control dam in river 3D hydrocarbon separator


Trap pollution before it spreads

The Water-Gate© anti-pollution dam features openings at its base that can be operated to let clean water flow through. The pollutant is therefore confined to the surface, where it builds up for long enough to be treated. The release holes can be opened or closed during use.

principle of the water gate dam for outdoor fire defense

Fire defence

A better way to use natural water points

Our flexible dams allow pumps to draw from the entire hydrographic network: rural areas, mountains, and even around forest fires. The smallest brook, stream or river becomes a firefighting reserve that can be mobilised by firefighters. A 10 l/s trickle of water is enough to quickly supply 2 fire hoses.



Unroll the dam across the watercourse with the leading edge facing upstream. Centre it, ensuring that the ends reach the banks. Unfold it.



Immerse the leading edge to the bottom of the water. Stand on the leading edge until the dam becomes pressurised.



Weigh down the leading edge with ballast bags or stones from the watercourse.



Open the holes as required to control the water level and trap surface pollution. Closed position for suction operations.