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Our Factory

Manufacturing expertise

Since 2007, all WaterGate© dams have been manufactured in Victoriaville, Quebec by Industrie VITEX, a wholly owned subsidiary of MegaSecur.

Distribution expertise

Since 2011, MegaSecurEurope has been the exclusive distributor of Water-Gate© products in Europe and occasionally in Africa and the Middle East.

Made in Canada

All WaterGate© products are conceived, developed, designed (registered industrial designs) and fine-tuned by our teams in Canada. WaterGate© is a protected invention. We do not grant manufacturing licences.
Imitations of our products have been produced under other brand names, but these never match the quality or performance of WaterGate© products. We jealously guard our manufacturing secrets, the result of many years of experimentation. If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Safety is priceless.

Quality manufacturing

Each dam is rigorously inspected and marked with a unique serial number. Our suppliers and employees are aware of our stringent quality requirements and take responsibility for ensuring that these are followed at every stage of manufacturing and packaging.
Our factory is regularly audited by FM Global, the world leader in property insurance. We regularly optimise our production line without ever compromising the performance of the finished product.
When balancing manufacturing costs, we always prioritise product quality.

Safety & the environment

We believe that protecting the environment is an integral part of our company's operations. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

With over 2,500 satisfied customers worldwide,

MegaSecur is considered a world leader in environmental safety.

MegaSecurEurope campaigns to mitigate the risks posed by flooding, river works and accidental pollution.