Slide flood protection goes up wall Getting started: the barrier supported by a waterproofed wall Slide flood protection all surfaces Deployed on grass: the barrier fits all types of surfaces Slide water-gate protects De Gaulle An obstacle course between street furniture: the barrier can be curved at any point Slide retention water infiltration flood dam Connecting two sections of different heights to fit the terrain Slide flood protection of buildings Protecting the north facade, Avenue du Général de Gaulle in Charenton-le-Pont Slide Underground parking flood protection Protecting a car park ramp with a double curtain Slide passage of vehicle on anti flood dam Vehicles can safely cross the barrier Slide balloon shutter rising water buffer flood Closing off all the pipelines that pass under the line of protection Slide Flood barrier at Bercy Unfolding the barrier on the ground, with the leading edge facing the flood Slide flood protection of a block of buildings Avenue du Général de Gaulle, towards Rue Nouveau Bercy Slide flood protection round point crossroads On the public thoroughfare in Place de l'Europe Slide angled flood protection A concertina fold to fit the curve Slide rapid deployment flood dam Link between two rapid deployment boxes Slide flood protection seine Deploying the dam towards Quai de Bercy Slide flood protection seine 180° around the YB building – Electrical installations Slide Flood protection city charenton End of the protection system, Quai de Bercy Slide megasecur europe city of paris Raised on a parapet to reach a height of 39.38 m AOD

FLOODING: a new era
Kit yourself out with flexible protection systems that you can install where you need them most.

A 100-year flood is something that we live in fear of every year. Although one did not occur in France in 2016, June still saw major flooding that resulted in the death of 4 people and 1 billion euros of damage. This event was deemed the country’s most costly natural disaster since Storm Xynthia in 2010.

In terms of flood protection, there is no clearly established system, especially in Paris.
Yet the economic risks are enormous, and everyone agrees that the water level rises of June 2016 were a sign of more flooding to come in the Paris region.
The authorities are in discussions regarding their crisis management plans, but no concrete protective measures have been implemented to date.

Some public institutions such as RATP and SNCF have begun to add mobile flood protection solutions to their most vulnerable sites.

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