# 3 | 360 ° flood protection

Protecting the Go Terminal at Copenhagen Airport

flood at cph airport

Kastrup Tvaervej E 12
2770 Kastrup, Danemark
55.625488, 12.656029
Hazard Flash floods caused by torrential rain on the airport tarmac – Insufficient drainage capacity
Length deployed 1 003 m
Equipment 66 WL 2050 barriers in 2 rapid deployment boxes
Protection height 50 cm
Deployment 30′
Assembly Supported by 1 wall that runs along the length of the terminal
Location Go Terminal / Copenhagen Airport

Perimeter protection of up to 360°, covering several hundred metres (on flat ground). Water-Gate© mobile flexible dikes can be crossed by emergency vehicles in both directions up to mid-axle.

Mandelieu-la-Napoule: General Directorate of Technical Services | Flood protection

DGST Mandelieu la Napoule inondation

Avenue du Maréchal Lyautey
06210 Mandelieu-la-Napoule
43.555458, 6.947470
Hazard Overflow flooding in the Siagne valley following a Cevennes episode on the Tanneron massif. Easterly winds increase the risk of flooding by slowing the flow of the river towards the Gulf of Napoule.
Length deployed 350 meters
Equipment 23 flexible WL-3250 dikes pre-attached in 3 rapid deployment wooden boxes
Protection height 81 cm
Deployment 02H00 with 6 people
Assembly 360 ° | The two ends rest on the Maréchal Lyautey bypass, known to be not flooded, to allow access to the technical center during the flood.
Location Mandelieu-la-Napoule | Alpes-Maritimes | France


Charenton-le-Pont: protection of 3 buildings and 3 underground car parks

charenton inondation

Quai de Bercy
94220 Charenton-le-pont
48.824920, 2.394017

Centennial flood by overflow of the Seine river

Length deployed

474 meters


35 sections of 7 to 15 meters pre-attached in 6 rapid deployment boxes

Protection height

6 different heights up to 152cm


5 hours with 5 people


360 ° | East side the flexible dam rests against a watertight wall – West side the dam rests on a parapet raised by a specific device


Charenton-le-Pont | Val-de-Marne | France

The system implemented

The risk of flooding due to the Seine overflowing is a slow-onset hazard (>24h), thus allowing for the installation of the protective devices identified in the prevention framework (vulnerability assessment).

After an initial study comparing different protection options (protection of individual buildings in sections vs. 360° perimeter protection), a decision was taken to follow the “semi-perimeter” scenario.

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Schéma d'implantation des barrages souples anti-crue Water-Gate autour de plusieurs bâtiments à Charenton-le-Pont.