#7 | Flood protection at bridge level

Protecting the centre of Besançon around the Pont de la République

protection inondation pont de la république

4 Pont de la République
25000 Besançon
47.241014, 6.028179
Hazard Flooding due to the overflowing of the Doubs River – Quays protected by an embankment except at bridge level
Length deployed 30,2 m (x 2)
Equipment 2 WL 3950 barriers in rolls and 2 aluminium cofferdams (x2)
Protection height 100 cm
Deployment 45′
Assembly Supported by cofferdams – Installation of EPDM seals for rails

flood protection seal epdm

Location Pont de la République, Besançon

Closure of the dike system of the city of Sélestat at the level of the Departmental Route 1083 bridge

protection inondation pont de la république

Route de Strasbourg
67600 Sélestat
48.272056, 7.459677
Hazard Centennial flood (HQ100) of the “Le Giessen” river. The river was dammed upstream and downstream of the RD1083 bridge in Sélestat. Modeling of the 100-year flood shows overflows on the bridge with a risk of flooding towards both banks.
Length deployed 49 meters
Equipment 2 WL-3230 and 2 WL-3250 Water-Gate © pre-attached in 1 rapid deployment box on wheels.
Protection height 81 cm
Deployment Quick and easy installation and uninstallation in under an hour. Car traffic can be cut off “at the last moment” when the alert threshold is reached (the RD1083 bridge representing the only crossing of the Giessen in Sélestat).
Assembly The flexible barriers are supported at the ends on the guardrails which have been reinforced with metal plates for the occasion.
Location Selestat | Bas-Rhin | France

Stop flooding: La Rosselle border bridge

protection inondation pont de la république

49.207406, 6.843217
Hazard Flooding of the Rosselle plain (Sarre watershed)
Length deployed 15,2 meters
Equipment 1 WL-5050 Water-Gate © on a roll
Protection height 127 cm
Deployment 10 minutes with 4 people | Petite Rosselle Fire Department
Assembly The flexible barrier is supported at the ends on the parapets of the border bridge. The flexible Water-Gate © system replaces an old aluminum system that was stolen.
Location Petite-Rosselle | Moselle | France