Project Description

Recurring torrential floods in central England

flood woodborough UK

171-173 Main Street
Woodborough, Nottingham NG14 6DD
53.023481, -1,052563
Hazard Recurring flooding in a village, “water flowing down the main street”
Length deployed 15,2 m
Equipment WL 1450 barrier (one roll)/td>
Protection height 35 cm
Deployment 15′
Assembly Supported by 2 walls facing each other
Location Woodborough / UK

Protecting a facade and the perimeter of a building against flooding

Flood protection: it is often more effective, simpler and cheaper to install a flexible flood barrier along an entire facade rather than several individual door barriers, watertight doors, built-in gates or sandbags.

The flood protection water-gate is used to protect a street from a mudslide

The Water-Gate anti-flood dam does not require any site preparation, additional equipment or fixed installation likely to harm the appearance of the site.

Flood protection of a house facade with the watergate dam 3d design

Water-Gate flood protection fits any kind of terrain: mounds, ditches, pavements, stairs, garage entry ramps, etc. The terrain does not have to be flat.
Water-Gate can pass over obstacles. The pressure of the water on the fabric forces it to cling to the object, thus avoiding leaks.
The Water-Gate flood barrier can be curved at any point and in any direction.

flood protection water-gate protects a neighborhood from a mudslide

flood protection of facades