#4 | Flood protection by diversion

Flash Flood – Torrential floods: protect a facade, the entrance to a street, divert the flow to a neutral zone

It is often more effective, simpler and cheaper to install a flexible flood barrier along an entire facade rather than several individual door barriers, watertight doors, built-in gates or sandbags.

The Water-Gate anti-flood dam does not require any site preparation, additional equipment or fixed installation likely to harm the appearance of the site.

Recurring torrential floods in central England

flood woodborough UK

171-173 Main Street
Woodborough, Nottingham NG14 6DD
53.023481, -1,052563
Hazard Recurring flooding in a village, “water flowing down the main street”
Length deployed 15,2 m
Equipment WL 1450 barrier (one roll)/td>
Protection height 35 cm
Deployment 15′
Assembly Supported by 2 walls facing each other
Location Woodborough / UK

Water-Gate flood protection fits any kind of terrain: mounds, ditches, pavements, stairs, garage entry ramps, etc. The terrain does not have to be flat.
Water-Gate can pass over obstacles. The pressure of the water on the fabric forces it to cling to the object, thus avoiding leaks.
The Water-Gate flood barrier can be curved at any point and in any direction.

protection inondation de façades
Protection inondation d'une façade de maison avec le barrage watergate dessin 3d