#5 | Underground parking lot flood protection

Removable flood protection to be installed without work

Underground spaces are the first to be affected in the event of flooding. A few centimetres of overflowing water can quickly become a deadly trap and cause considerable damage.

MegaSecur has developed dam models specifically designed to protect garage and car park entrances against flooding.
If a flood, flash flood or Cévenol storm warning is received, Water-Gate garage flood barriers can be deployed in a matter of minutes, even if the street is already being flooded.

Calculation of the minimum required length

High retaining walls

Which Water-Gate © series should I choose?

To take the slope into account, we add 15 cm to the target protection height.

Example: If the H Flood protection height is 60 cm, choose a WL-32 model that can hold up to 66 cm on sloping ground and up to 81 cm on flat ground.

Low or openwork retaining walls

The Water-Gate © dam rises with the flood.

From a certain level of flood the retaining wall limits the maximum protection height.

The dam is preferably placed as high on the slope as possible.

Which Water-Gate © series should I choose?

Measure the height H1, which is 1 meter from the top of the slope (base).
If H1 is larger than 50 cm, then measure H2 2 meters from the base.
In the event of an asymmetrical descent, be careful and take measurements on the worst-case side.
The correspondence table indicates the Water-Gate © series that you need (example below with H1 = 36 cm).

Installation in ten minutes

  1. Completely unfold the dam on the ground
  2. Slide the dam to center it
  3. Raise the ends above the walls
  4. Adjust the leading edge against the floor and walls
  5. Place a bag of sand at each corner to limit leaks
  6. Secure the leading edge against the wall using a clamp
  7. Position sandbags under the dam to increase frictional forces
  8. Check that the canvas touches the ground at the angles then fix the ends at the top of the walls
  9. Stretch the ridge edge with pliers at the corners to limit creases
  10. Provide a pump to collect the leakage water

Flood protection for the entrances to the Q-Park car park at Nîmes railway station

protection inondation gare de nimes

10 Av. du Général Leclerc
30000 Nîmes
43.831223, 4.368902
Hazard Cévenol storm
Length deployed 24,3 m
Equipment WL 6050 and WL 6030 barriers in rolls on Avenue Leclerc
WL 3950 and WL 3930 barriers in rolls on Avenue Natoire
Protection height 150 cm
Deployment 30′
Assembly Supported by the walls with ropes and hooks (provided). Passing over the central reservation, ensuring that the dam hugs the surface correctly when dry.
Location Q-Park, Nîmes railway station