Water-Gate © protects the OLD PORT district of La Rochelle against the risk of marine submersion

The agglomeration has reviewed existing protection systems on the market with an innovation focus. MegaSecur.Europe is proud to have been selected to protect the Old Port district, a remarkable historical heritage, thanks to its flexible Water-Gate© dikes.

Two major challenges were met:

  • To be able to install more than 800m in less than 5 hours with a reduced team (6 people) thanks to fast deployment containers and device that installs without anchoring.
  • Being able to withstand winds of 100 km/h thanks to a Water-Gate© innovation tested at the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Buildings) in Nantes.
vieux port de la rochelle-exercice anti submersion
PAPI inondation panneau sur le vieux port

Jean-François FountaineJean-François Fountaine
President of the agglomeration of La Rochelle

There was no question of going to mount dikes, parapets on a port that dates back to the Middle Ages because throughout the year it would have made no sense. We needed a device that was temporary, that once the alert was launched, we could put it in place within a reasonable time. I think that there are unfortunately today in the world a lot of territories which have these risks of submersion. The city has to be able to withstand the high tide and I think the equipment is perfectly suited.

article La rochelle inondation journal sud-ouest
November 28, 2019: Submersion alert triggered by the Poitou Charentes prefecture