Project Description

Installation parallel to the watercourse or U-shaped cofferdam

This is the preferred installation for riverbank construction and works that only use a section of the river/rivers that cannot be totally blocked.

cofferdam parallel to the river


Preparation on the bank
Unroll the flexible cofferdams, unfold them, and attach them to one another.

Positioning in the river
Pull the cofferdam across the water to the desired location, keeping the leading edge out of the water.
Position the cofferdam as desired (L-shape, U-shape, or diagonally).

Immerse the leading edge to the river bed.
Stand on the leading edge and weigh it down with ballast.

Secure the metal rings on the leading edge using pegs to prevent slippage until the inflatable cofferdam is pressurised.

Begin pumping the area to be drained.

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