Project Description

Installation supported by bridge pier | Work in sections

This is the typical installation for structures with one or more piers.
Start from the bank and go around the pier upstream, ensuring that you have:

  • a long enough barrier to ensure a watertight seal against the bridge pier
  • an opening between the supports wide enough for the dam to pass through
river cofferdam on bridge pier

Depending on the slope and the force of the current, it may be necessary to set up a second installation downstream of the bridge. In this case, do not go past the chosen pier. Attach the dam to the pier facing the starting bank.

cofferdam installed on upstream and downstream bridge piers
parallel cofferdam u stream

Upstream device

cofferdam drying of nozzles

Upstream device

cofferdams replace nozzle in river

Downstream device

river cofferdam

Downstream device

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