Project Description

Installing the cofferdam perpendicular to the watercourse | Shallow slope

In the case of a shallow slope, we recommend setting up two flexible cofferdams upstream and downstream of the area to be drained. The downstream cofferdam can generally be lower.

The cofferdams are moored by means of pegs attached to metal rings on the leading edge to prevent slippage until the inflatable dam is pressurised.

The work area is drained using pumps.

cofferdam river canal downstream upstream installation


Preparation on the bank
Unroll the flexible cofferdams, unfold them, and attach them to one another.

Positioning in the river
If a single cofferdam is long enough, unroll it directly across the watercourse and unfold it.
Otherwise, pull the pre-attached cofferdams across the watercourse, keeping the leading edge out of the water.
Centre the cofferdam, ensuring that the ends reach the banks.

Immerse the leading edge to the river bed.
Stand on the leading edge until the cofferdam becomes pressurised.

Weigh down the leading edge with ballast bags or stones taken from the watercourse.

If the banks are vertical, attach the ends of the removable cofferdam so that they do not fall back into the water.

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