Watertightness +

Sealing cloth + bituminous glue

In the case of special work or semi-permanent installation, it is possible to considerably strengthen the imperviousness of the dam while preserving its integrity. The technique to be carried out on dry ground consists of laying polyester strips coated with polyurethane, straddling a strip of bituminous adhesive on one hand and the leading edge of the dam on the other hand.



Improve the sealing of the dam. Various product solutions depending on chemical risk.

Semi-permanent low-rise containment. Helps block or divert accidental chemical spills.

Flexible sticky polyurethane plates for emergency sealing of small openings (drainage grid, buffer, door bottom)

There is no effective surface protection without flood risk control by underground networks. MegaSecur.Europe studies the networks of the site to be protected and provides a solution adapted to each situation.

No mobile flood protection system is completely watertight. We provide pumping solutions to collect leaking water and discharge it beyond the dam: self-priming motor pumps or puddle pumps coupled to generators.