Pumps and motor pumps

Puddle pump
Flow rate 9 m3 /h

Submersible electric pump
Flow rate 19,8 m3 / h

Thermal motor pump for charged waters
Flow rate 60 m3 / h

Pumping of seepage water

No mobile flood protection system is completely waterproof. The very surface on which the dam is laid is not 100% watertight.

It is imperative to combine the Water-Gate © flexible dams with pumping means.
As on a boat the principle is to collect the trailing water, at the low point downstream of the flexible dam and to reject them over the ridge.

The leakage rate depends on many factors:

  • Underground pipes
  • Type of soil
  • Obstacles on the ground
  • Retention height (hydrostatic pressure)
  • Quality of implementation
  • Pluviometry

We calculate a leakage rate with safety margin for each installation.
We recommend the use of self-priming pumps or low level residue pumps coupled with generators.



Improve the sealing of the dam. Various product solutions depending on chemical risk.

Semi-permanent low-rise containment. Helps block or divert accidental chemical spills.

Flexible sticky polyurethane plates for emergency sealing of small openings (drainage grid, buffer, door bottom)

There is no effective surface protection without flood risk control by underground networks. MegaSecur.Europe studies the networks of the site to be protected and provides a solution adapted to each situation.

No mobile flood protection system is completely watertight. We provide pumping solutions to collect leaking water and discharge it beyond the dam: self-priming motor pumps or puddle pumps coupled to generators.