Project Description

Release holes, closable

Control the discharge flow of clean water.

To avoid surface pollution overflowing, a stable height must be maintained upstream of the dam.
Open the required number of release holes at the foot of the dam in order to maintain a stable level.
It is possible to open and close the release holes during use by simply applying pressure to the hatch.

trous de relâche pour l'évacuation de la pollution

Technical specifications:

  • Diameter: 4.5 ” (11.4 cm)
  • Operated by Velcro straps, allowing the holes to be opened and closed during use
  • The directional valve held in place by straps directs the flow directly onto the anti-erosion flap to facilitate the operation and protect the river bed
ReferenceNumber of release holes per barrier

Custom manufacturing for WT-50 and WT-60 models

barrage anti pollution water-gate pour les rivières trou de relâche ouvert
barrage anti pollution trous de relâche
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