Protection against flooding along a street – Woodborough, England – 2012

In 2007, the city of Woodborough in England experiences severe flooding. The house of the Crowther family suffered significant damage. The renovations totaled over 100,000 Pounds.

They fear that the disaster happen again. They are looking for a reliable flood protection system. They discover the Water-Gate© solution on internet and decide to invest to protect the entire front of their property.

Their dams were stored in their garage hoping never have to use them.

July 2012 the flooding is back again. The whole street and neighborhood are flooded again but the Crowther family stays dry, relieved.
They are impressed and indeed the whole neighborhood by the simplicity of implementation and effectiveness of the anti-flood Water-Gate© barrier.
The Water-Gate© barrier has been used 6 times since in Woodborough.

Funny thing: Simon and David Crowther contacted us and became our official distributor for the UK.