Installing a protection barrier around a house when the flood stream has already started – Val d’Or – Québec

6:00 pm: The MegaSecur ™ team based in Victoriaville,Canada receives a call from a panicked woman. Her house is about to be flooded. She can get the help of local firefighters, but they do not have the means to protect it.

6:30 pm: Because of the emergency, the company agrees to carry overnight (11 driving hours) the protection barriers required.

Next morning

7:00 am: The Megasecur team arrives on site. The flood began to enter the house but has not yet reached the access to the basement.

7:30 am: Three dams of 15 meters length are unrolled, tied together in dry area and then pulled around the house with the help of firefighters. Ballast bags are arranged along the anti flood barrier to prevent it floats before the end of the pumping operations.

8:00 am: The home side pumping starts, using small basement drainage pumps.

9:00 am: The house is kept dry, while the water continues to rise.

The Water-Gate© Barriers remain several days in place before the flood waters recede.