23 03, 2016

FAQ #17 | Our products

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WA WL WT Water-Plug Water Works Floods FOR PROS Pollution Rivers Sewage Backups Natural Water Reserve Express Diversion 12 models 19 models 9 models 1 model Highest Restraint 200 cm Highest Restraint 200 cm Highest Restraint 152 cm Highest Restraint 67 cm Compact Holding Partitions Extended Partitions Compact [...]

23 03, 2016

FAQ #18 | Must be trained to use Water-Gate©?

By |2018-03-27T15:59:12+01:00March 23rd, 2016||

The implementation of Water-Gate© requires no special qualification. However, we invite any new buyer to read the user guide and to handle the dry dam in order to become familiar with the tool. The implementation of high-rise cofferdams in the aquatic environment must comply with specific, simple maneuvers to execute. [...]

23 03, 2016

FAQ #20 | Does the Water-Gate© barrier require special maintenance?

By |2018-03-27T15:59:45+01:00March 23rd, 2016||

The Water-Gate© dams require little maintenance. We recommend cleaning and drying dams after each use. Dirt and moisture have no effect on the quality and strength of Water-Gate, but unpleasant odors may be released during the next use. Storage: Water-Gate© barriers can be stacked on each other, standing or lying down, without compromising their integrity [...]

27 03, 2018

FAQ#22 | Are Water-Gate© dams recyclable?

By |2018-03-27T16:17:41+01:00March 27th, 2018||

Water-Gate products are made from recyclable materials. Ground Sheet & Retention TarpPVC Coated polyesterHolding partitionsPolyethylene FabricBallastSteel platesThe sewing thread & velvet strips (Velcro©)PolyesterStrapsPolypropylene Our manufacturing process minimises waste production: all PE and PVC raw materials are reused in our low-lying dam models. Unused PE is collected by a local company and recycled along with [...]

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