A – Leave a reasonable distance between the building to protect and the downstream edge of the dam in order to move easily and install, if necessary, a water pump.

Disposer des pompes à l'arrière du barrage anti inondation

B – Ballast the Water-Gate© leading edge uniformly in order to minimize water seepage under the dam and to ensure its ground grip.
Pay particular attention to this rule for all models without integrated weight.

Disposer un lestage sur le barrage anti inondation

C – Before placing the dam, remove all objects that could create water seepage under the ground sheet.

Retirer les débris sous le barrage anti inondation pour éviter les infiltrations

D – Don’t try to stop a leak downstream of the dam.
If a leak occurs under the dam, intervene at the upstream edge (ballast the leading edge, slightly bury it).

Ne pas colmater les fuites par l'arrière du barrage anti inondation