Complete your fire control plan using natural watering points

Mobilize New Water Resources. Use the thousands kilometers of rivers on our territorities for fire prevention in rural areas, mountains and forest fires.

The Water-Gate© dam enables now pumpers to take advantage from the entire hydrographical network. The slightest ru, stream or river becomes a natural waterhole that can be used by firefighters.

A trickle of 10 liters/s is sufficient to quickly supply 2 fire hoses.

Why choose the Water-Gate© Removable Dam for in-river pumping?

Water-Gate© Dam installation to pump water out of the river with a succion grate

Natural Water Points – Ditch – Small stream – River

The Water-Gate© Removable Dam allows to block in less than 5 minutes a low-rise stream and create a reliable and secure suction point at the dam, without risk to personnel, nor for the material.

Steps of the maneuver

Unroll the dam across the river, the leading edge facing upstream.
Center the cofferdam ensuring that the ends rise on the banks.
Immerse the leading edge at the bottom.
Standing on the leading edge until pressurization of the dam.
Ballast the leading edge with sandbags or stones taken from the river.
The WA Water-Gate© model has a large ground tarpaulin which allows staff to stand safely and avoids any risk of blockage of the strainer.

WA Range: Different products to improve the fire control plan by using the natural water points