Project Description

Mobile spillway | Downstream overflow discharge

Thanks to the flexibility of the WaterGate cofferdam, it is possible to add any type of pipeline to the dam directly without leakage (the diameter of the pipe must be less than the height of the cofferdam).

MegaSecur has developed a tailor-made spillway for lightweight discharge (DN 450 / up to 90 litres per second). With no pump, it is environmentally friendly and features a flexible pipeline for downstream discharge.
Several spillways can be positioned side-by-side if necessary.
The spillways are provided with a 22.9-metre polyethylene tube.

DA-1200 | Spillway Kit +main pipeline
Dimensions 38 cm x 61 cm x 100 cm
Weight 14,5 Kg
Diameter 45 cm
Tube principal
Length 22,9 m
Weight 11,4 Kg
Diameter 45 cm
scheme of the spillway for water-gate cofferdams - channel a river
*   Unbreakable polyethylene.
DR-3075 | Extension tube
Extension tube
Length 22,9 m
Weight 11,4 Kg
Diameter 45 cm
watergate weir and pump to channel a river and put it dry

Spillway installation process

The spillway or transition pipe has two parts: the spillway itself, and the main flexible pipe. It is easy to transport. One person can install it in a matter of minutes.

Identify the discharge point downstream of the dam
Plan to lay the pipe beyond the area that needs to be drained to avoid backflow (ensure you have 15 m of additional pipe). The terrain and the strength of the current will help you determine how far the pipe needs to be extended (if necessary).

Fix the tube to the spillway
The spillway is funnel-shaped to siphon and discharge as much water as possible.
The main tube fits the spillway outlet.

Unroll the tube to the discharge point
The main tube is equipped with handles to help you steer it and guide the water to the desired location. This 22.9-metre flexible pipe adjusts perfectly to the terrain and the winding path of the watercourse. The pipe is made from a polyethylene, abrasion-resistant fabric.
If necessary, the extension tubes can be fitted.

Position the spillway on the dam
The float built into the spillway has a stabilising effect.
We recommend adding some large stones taken from the watercourse or sandbags on top of the spillway to maximise the suction effect and further improve stability.