#3 | Fire extinguishing waters – Constrained spaces

Contain fire extinguishing water vertically to the building

  1. This approach should only be considered if it is impossible to contain the extinguishing water outdoors because it involves manual installation which can be difficult depending on the circumstances of the fire
  2. Provide for the complete sealing of the networks (valves, sealing balloons, sealing plates)
  3. Identify all openings
  4. Calculate the retention height for each opening
  5. Reinforce passive protections as much as possible: walls, speed bumps
  6. Position the removable protections near each opening

Deployment diagram of 29 Water-Gate© flexible protections – 75m

Strategy: containment within the building

Submersible area: 54550 m2

  • 25 BP-70 | Maximum height: 7 cm
  • Installation time: 3 people 15 mins

Containment volume: 2900 m3