Traceability and manufacturing warranty of 2 years.
Made in Canada, in our factory in Victoriaville. Each dam is manufactured and inspected according to stringent quality standards.

A – Safety standards and resistance

Above all, the Water-Gate© barrier is a working tool that must be reliable, safe and durable. According to the safety standards set by MegaSecur™, the Water-Gate© water barrier is 3 times stronger than necessary, and this for a minimum retention period of 3 days.
For example, if the dam is amputated 2 partitions out of 3 and contains water at full capacity, the dam will still retain its entire water volume for 3 days or more.

B – Water-Gate© manufacturing details

The manufacturing of the Water-Gate© dam is done by experienced workers with industrial sewing machines. The stitch used on every product is called “lock stitch”. This type of stitch will not untie even if broken or cut . A broken lock stitch will not compromise the following lock stitch.
In addition to using this type of safe seam, we have signed a second seam in parallel on all partitions of our barriers (except for WL-06 model).
We are finalizing the manufacture of each barrier with a rigorous inspection.

C – Main materials

For WA, WL and WT ranges, we use PVC coated polyester canvases. The main advantage of this type of canvas is its resistance to abrasion. In other words, if the barrier is dragged on the ground, the risk of breakage is minimal.
For WP range, we use woven polyethylene fabric. This fabric also resists well to tearing but is a little more vulnerable to abrasion.
The partitions for all barriers are manufactured with woven polyethylene fabric.
The sewing thread used for all categories is 100% polyester.
For the WL category, we use galvanized steel plates for the ballast weights.

D – Durability

Water-Gate© dams are entirely made of polymer, their lifespan is estimated over 20 years if the product is used occasionally and/or for short periods. Ultraviolet rays remain the most harmful factor for the components of the Water-Gate© barriers.
However, polymer fabrics have received treatments to counter the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
There is no risk of deterioration due to moisture.
The Water-Gate© barrier’s materials easily withstand temperatures of + 50° C | + 120° F to -40º C | -40° F.
Even stored for many years at these temperatures (up to 10 years of certification according to the material manufacturers) , Water-Gate© remains as effective.